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ADI-RTI-P2.5S 480x480

                     Pixel pitch:P2.5mm
                     Weight:7 KG

Seamless perfect splicing technology.
Intelligent adjustable brightness ability.
Immersive experience with delicate ultra HD image
High thermal conductive alloy material ensure good heat dissipation
Fanless design, noiseless, energy-efficient, more stable.
160°super wide viewing angle, no color cast, free from fatigue.
Lead free, environmental protect, achieved ROHS stand..

User-friendly  handle design ensure easy transfer.Using Stainless high and low steel fastener.
High-performance fast locks with adjustableability, perfectly control seamless connection.
Multiple Splicing
Traffic industry, hydropower industry, Security Industry, military using,  conference system, city management, radio and TV industry Etc.



    Download: Specifications R2.5





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