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How to make the LED display truly show the color of the image
  LED display visual principle is basically the same as the color TV set, is in three colors: red, green, and blue of the different light intensity so as to realize the reduction of color image reproduction. So red, green, and blue color pure degree will directly affect the visual effect of image color reproduction. So how to make the LED display truly show the color of the image?
  First because the person's ability to distinguish color is limited, so the image color rendering authenticity is one objective indicators. To capture the real color of image, LED display in some light deserve shall meet the following requirements:
  4 had better use 4 units with white light;
  2 red, green, blue three color gray level 256 is best;
  2 red, green and blue wavelengths, respectively is: 660 nm, 525 nm, 525 nm;
  3 must be used for nonlinear correction of the LED pixel pipe;
  Second, the ratio of red, green and blue strong must close 3:6:1, but the premise is to ensure that the optical frequency is pure;
  Third, because people on the vision is more sensitive to red, so red light source to disperse on the space distribution;
  Fourth, because people vision of red, green, blue three colors light intensity will produce different nonlinear response curve, so the white light of the different light intensity of red, green, and blue to gamma correction;
  5 can be used to display control system hardware or by a broadcast system software implementation. Red, green, and blue light distribution and nonlinear correction.



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