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Sports & Stadiums

Solution Features

  1. Stadiums LED display includes fence screen scoreboard and advertising screen according to the applications.
  2. For broadcast live.
  3. Slow-motion playback, wonderful picture playback, allowing viewers a clearer picture.
  4. LED big screen can show the score real-time.
  5. The loop protection design prevents the affection when one of cabinet failure during the game.


  1. Easy installation, dismantle and assemble at any time.
  2. With high security, waterproof, antifreeze, anti-wind, long longevity etc.
  3. High brightness, high refresh rate, high-quality, low power consumption.
  4. WB consistent no aberration.
  5. Using soft mask to protect athlete to get injured.
  6. Adjustable  Sole plate Design,Cabinet Freely Regulated Angle  65°to 90°

System construction drawing


Classic Cases:

       Project Location: Chinese Football Association
  Product Model: Outdoor P20 Full Color
  Area: 231m2

        Project Location: China
  Product Model: Indoor P6 Full Color
  Area: 680m2, total 17 venues.


  Project Location: Turkey
  Product Model: Indoor P6 Full Color
  Area: 560m2, total 14 venues.




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