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Stage Rental

Solution Features:

  Applications for LED stage big screen are mostly for wedding ceremony, hotels, conference room, concerts and other big events. The combination of large screen and multi small screens makes the visual effect much more magnificent, the ultra-clear image joint live music makes the performances much more exciting to watch. Screen image can switch seamlessly, the display can adapt to various environments installation. It is safe, fast disassembling, simple and convenient.

System construction drawing:


Specifications for products:

  1.Cabinet is made of special material, ultra-slim design, simple and top grade.
  2.The display can use for both indoor and outdoor, fast assembling design, easy for disassembling.
  3.Black color mask, non-reflective under strong light
  4.High brightness, high refresh rate, ultra-clear image and low power consumption
  5.Auto brightness adjustment, can automatically adjust brightness level according to different environments, extend the working span
  6.The distance between cabinets is less than 2mm, seamless assembling, fans free and working quietly
  7.160° super wide viewing angle, consistent display image, no color differences.




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